Beware! You could likely be bringing poison or chemicals into your home environment.PalletChemicals

So you just found that cool looking pallet wood piece of furniture or decor item and just can't wait to get it especially with the description of Reclaimed Wood and at a great price to boot!

Before you jump in and throw your hard earned cash to get that pallet wood piece, there are some thingsPalletDecor to consider that you may not know. As a company that has had alot of pallets, we have learned that there is no regulations on what they can be used for. What does this mean? It means that one day the pallet used in your item of interest could have been used to transport car batteries or bug killer one day and furniture the next.

There is no form of paint marking or anything else to to tell you that it was used for chemicals or if it was used for something more environmentally safe such as furniture. The bad part of this is that although the pallet wood item in your home may look nice, it could be contaminating your home environment and worse making you ill.

This is why Inspired American Decor of Coeur d' Alene does not use pallet wood even though we have plenty of FREE access to it. We only use quality Reclaimed wood typically found on old structures. Our products are also well sealed.

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